There are various options of treatment in alcohol addiction centers. These treatment options commonly use pharmacotherapy and psychotherapy methods. The psychotherapeutic approach uses a number of therapies depending on one’s needs. Read on to get a glimpse of a few of the therapies used for treating patients with alcohol addiction problems. Find more info at this website to get started.

Self-help group therapies

Most people with alcohol dependency issues find it helpful to visit self-help groups where therapy is carried out in group sessions such as the Alcoholics Anonymous (AA). The major philosophy behind AA is that alcoholism is a progressive and long-term illness, which can be solved by total abstinence. AA is a 12-step program which starts with admission of wrong doing, being powerless to alcohol, unable to manage oneself, and where possible that there is need to amend your life and that of those you have harmed. The AA therapy is actually fashioned based on a program devised by AA known as the 12-step facilitation program, but which is different because it does not use group therapy. The facilitation therapy is similar the AA group therapy, but the difference is that it uses a facilitating counselor rather than a group. This variation of the group therapy serves to help patients that cannot express their problems in a group setup.

Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT)

CBT is a kind of therapy designed around consultative talking, which uses a problem-solving approach to change alcohol dependency behaviors. This approach helps the patient recognize unrealistic and unhelpful beliefs and thoughts, which may contribute towards the dependency. For example, the therapy is used to demystify thoughts and ideas such as: “I cannot relax without alcohol.” The process helps identify all these negative beliefs, which support alcoholism and thus build a character that encourages positive thinking that can help eliminate dependence. For example, you are helped to understand and cultivate statements such as “I can still be acceptable before my friend without drinking.” In the end, you learn how to avoid triggers of drinking and learn how to cope well with the unavoidable triggers.

Family therapy

Alcoholism does not only affect the individual alcoholic, but the problem affects all people around the alcoholic, and these include family members, friends, and the society at large. Family therapy allows the entire family to take part in the alcohol treatment process of one of their members who is an addict. The family gets to learn about alcohol dependency and how it affects their affected member, and they also learn how they can take supportive roles in trying to help within the family. Living with an alcoholic can be stressful. As such, this therapy is used to help those in the family that are not alcohol dependent to learn how to live with those who are dependent.

Visit http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Addiction for more information.


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